Behavioral Health

A listing of behavioral health resources.

CLAS Standards Toolkit

View the guide to implementing the National CLAS Standards.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

A listing of clinical practice guidelines for a variety of conditions.

COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Information

Department of Healthcare Finance (DHCF) approved information provided to enrollees.

COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Enrollment

Information sheet that includes: why you should become a COVID-19 vaccine provider, how to get enrolled and FAQs.

Cultural Diversity Training

To satisfy your cultural diversity training requirements, please take the Embracing a SPIRIT of Diversity training via MedStar Health SiTEL. Click the heading above for the How to Enroll in an OnDemand Course on SiTEL instructions. If you do not have internet access, you can contact MedStar Family Choice-DC Provider Relations at 855-798-4244 to request cultural diversity training.

D.C. False Claims Act

DC IVR-EVS Brochure

Medicaid Fee Schedule 

Medical Policies and Procedures

MedStar Provider Assistance Program

MedStar Family Choice District of Columbia wants to support providers in their role as caregiver to Enrollees. To that end, the MedStar Provider Assistance Program allows you to securely notify us whenever you need support to engage an Enrollee. Support could be things such as transportation, compliance with appointment scheduling, and information concerning care gaps. The MedStar Provider Assistance Program also provides an opportunity for you to refer Enrollees who may also need care management support or assistance with some Social Determinant of Health (SDOH).

To refer an Enrollee, please complete the MedStar Provider Assistance Referral Form.

Office Laboratory/Pathology Procedure Codes

MedStar Family Choice-DC requires laboratory/pathology procedures to be provided by MedStar Family Choice-DC participating lab(s). The document linked above lists the procedure codes for labs that can be performed in an office setting.

Provider Access and Availability Requirements

Learn your requirements regarding member appointments and timeframes, and coverage for after hours.

Provider Education Orientation Slides

New providers can find a variety of details about MedStar Family Choice-DC in this training as well as department contact information.

Provider Manual

The MedStar Family Choice-DC Provider Manual provides information on the DC Healthy Families and DC Healthcare Alliance programs, the requirements of an MCO, and the requirements of providers participating in MedStar Family Choice-DC.

Provider News

Provider alerts and newsletters include important information for all MedStar Family Choice-DC providers.

Provider Support

Learn about MedStar Family Choice-DC departments and programs that works with and assists providers.

Quality Assurance and Monitoring Programs

To achieve its quality improvement goals, MedStar Family Choice-DC participates in a variety of Quality Monitoring programs. 

Quick Reference Guide

For MedStar Family Choice-DC contact numbers and information about pre-authorizations.

Shared Decision Making Tools

Shared Decision Making Tools are available to encourage conversations between our Enrollees and clinicians to facilitate treatment choices. The Mayo Clinic offers online, interactive Shared Decision Making Tools with graphics and comparative choices. These tools cover a wide variety of options such as Anticoagulation Choice, Chest Pain Choice, Diabetes Medication Choice and many others.   

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